By: Ronnie Nathanielsz

    Don Jose Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council (WBC), has extolled the late Gabriel "Flash" Elorde at a dinner tendered in honor of Sulaiman and the officials of the WBC by the family of the late World Junior Lightweight Champion on Saturday.

    In brief remarks at the dinner, the WBC President said Elorde was "One of the greatest boxers that ever lived. He was a hero of the Philippines and a hero of the whole of Asia."

    Sulaiman said he was touched to see the famous WBC Championship belt which was presented to Elorde in 1983 at the United Nations' building in New York, at the entrance to the "Flash" Grand Ballroom at the Elorde Sports Center along with other Elorde memorabilias.

    Sulaiman said, "That was a great occasion because we gave Elorde a very well-deserved homage during his lifetime." The WBC President said that "Seeing all the trophies that this great Filipino won it really is an honor not only to the WBC and for myself but for all the delegates of the WBC."

    During the 1983 affair, the WBC named Elorde and the great Nicaraguan Champion Alexis Arguello as the "Greatest Junior Lightweights" of the first twenty (20) years of the organization.

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