- Shad D. de Guzman

    How was the trip coming over here in the Philippines?

    It was good, it was nice coming over, and I haven't been to Asia in a while actually. I used to fight in Pride FC a lot, so this is my first time back to Asia in about a year.

    Tell us more about the Las Vegas Combat Club, do you also teach there?

    No, actually I'm not training in the Las Vegas Combat Club anymore; right now I'm training at Cobra Kai and at Randy Couture's Gym.

    A lot of people have wanted to ask, what's with the unique hairstyles and cowboy hat, can you please tell us more about it?

    Yeah well the cowboy hat and jacket, I mean I'm the "Texas Crazy Horse." I'm from Texas, so that goes hand in hand with the cowboy hat and the duster. Well, the crazy horse actually was a nickname given to me by the Japanese fans, because you know from my kicking and things like that, so it's kinda kicking like a horse right? And the crazy hair is like putting on your war paint before going into battle, only for the fights where I get on with a crazy hair.

    Please tell us your experience from fighting in Pride FC.

    Wow Pride was awesome! It was a great organization; I'm now fighting in UFC, which is huge in America, UFC right now is the biggest fighting organization. I'm really really excited to be involved here in the Philippines in the "Ring of Fire." I'm looking forward to seeing the other events in Macau and South Korea, and maybe even back in Japan. I'm really fortunate and glad to be a part of this organization.

    Your comments on Noshihiro Nakao from the incident last year 2005. I've heard that Nakao's cornermen attacked you? What really went down with that incident?

    That's exactly right, after everything was kinda settled and we were walking back to the locker room, yeah I was attacked by Nakao's corner where they pulled a rear naked choke on me. Ricardo Pyers and Sergio Penha, and JC Pinwell my trainers, they got into a brawl with the other corner, it was a little bit of a mess, but it was pretty funny. No one got hurt or injured so it's okay, I can laugh about it now.

    Your bout against Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera last UFC-73 ended in a unanimous decision, would you say that it was a fair decision?

    Oh absolutely! I mean I think he did win the last two (2) rounds, I thought I had him knocked down the first round, I don't know if you guys saw the fight, I thought that kick to the head ... I thought it was over with. And there was a little bit of hesitation on my part, I should've probably went over there and finished him off.

    That was round one (1)?

    That was round one (1), that's correct it was the first round. You know live and learn, I've made a few mistakes in a fight, it's still sports, sometimes you make a mistake, and you know he's the number two (2) fighter in the world right now, so I've almost knocked the number two (2) fighter in the world out in the first round. It's not too bad I guess? (smiles)

    What's next for the "Texas Crazy Horse?"

    What's next? Actually, we're in talks right now, maybe some fights, but nothing I can talk about as of yet.

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