- Shad D. de Guzman

    How did you get interested or what inspired you to do Boxing in the beginning?

    I got interested in Boxing when I was a kid because my uncle likes to watch Boxing, like the fights of George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, and also boxers back then such as Sugar Ray Leonard.

    That's what inspired you to play Boxing?

    Yes, that's what I watched; also, I've learned there that Boxing is delectable.

    You worked as a baker along with Arnel Arancina of URCC?

    Yes, that's true, he was my companion ... selling whatever.

    At Gen San?

    At Gen San.

    How hard was life really for you back then?

    We were really poor back then from hand to mouth. But now, maybe, blessed by our Lord, we got to rise from poverty.

    How were you blessed to get in to Boxing?

    There was this Boxing show at our place every Sunday, and I got myself enlisted there and I fought. Since then from the beginning, I've won up to twenty (20) fights without any loss, so it started there.

    Who would you say is the hardest that you've fought?

    The hardest that I've fought maybe were my recent latest championship fights ... Barrera, Marquez, and all of my championship fights.

    Do you have any plans to play Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) similar with the URCC?

    I like that kind of game because it really exceed ... severe than Boxing, but I must first learn how to ahh ... what is the technique there. Because, it's not just that I'm a boxer it means that I know ... it also has a lot of techniques.

    What can you say about your recent fight with Marquez ... about the "sock?"

    Our recent fight? Maybe, he was just lucky, because on that fight I had an injury on my hand and foot, maybe ... he got lucky, he was blessed.

    Right now you have a fight on December 11 at The Fort with 3K Battery, what is your fight plan?

    I have a fight and this opponent of mine is also a good boxer and strong, but we can do this, I trust our Lord, it's up to Him.

    Do you have anything to say to our readers?

    What I can say to our countrymen and to all of my fans ... thank you very much for the tireless support, especially to my fans in America, thank you very much for all your support, I hope that you always support me ... and to the athletes of URCC ... I'll be there soon! (laughs)

    Thank you very much Sir!

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