01. The Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) is duly recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) as the national federation governing and representing the sport of wrestling in the country and internationally.

02. The WAP's national coaches and athletes receive their monthly allowances and other incentives from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), the government-funding agency for national sports federations that are recognized by the POC.

03. Olympic style wrestling competitions were held during the pre-World War-II era among three prominent universities in the country's National Capital Region (NCR): University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, and the University of Santo Tomas (otherwise known as the "Big Three" during that era). Wrestling was also a competitive sport and still offered as a physical education class in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

04. Filipino wrestlers won one silver and two bronze medals in the 1954 Asian Games. Filipino wrestlers competed in the Summer Olympic Games of 1936, '48, '52, '56, '64, '68, '72, and the last time in 1988.

05. The WAP was founded in the 1960s when the Philippine government decreed that the administration of all sports become decentralized from the jurisdiction of the all-encompassing umbrella of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (PAAF); and encouraged the formation and formalization of autonomous national federations, each representing and serving its own particular sport.


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