Article I


Section 1. The WAP shall have the following aims:

a. To develop and protect the growth of wrestling in the Philippines in accordance with the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles and the Philippine Olympic Committee.

b. To propagate wrestling at the national level within the framework of sports activity and otherwise contribute, among other things, to the inclusion of wrestling and the diffusion of Olympism in the teaching programmes of physical education and sport in schools and universities.

c. To see to the creation of institutions that devote themselves to wrestling, such as regional wrestling training centers, sports schools, and gyms.

d. To ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in the Philippines.

e. To disseminate among young people an interest in sports and a sporting spirit.

f. To encourage the development of high performance sports as well as sport for all.

g. To help in the training and accreditation of wrestling coaches, technical officials and sports administrators by organizing wrestling courses and ensure that such courses contribute to the propagation of wrestling and the Fundamental Principles of Olympism.

h. To guard and take action against all forms of discrimination and violence in sports.

i. To fight against the use of substances and procedures prohibited by the International Olympic Committee or the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles.

j. To organize, together with the Philippine Olympic Committee, the preparation and selection of athletes, thereby ensuring that the Philippines is represented at the Olympic Games as well as at regional, continental and intercontinental multi-sport or solely-wrestling games having the patronage of the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles and the International Olympic Committee.

k. To undertake the organization of these wrestling games when they are held in the Philippines. It shall have the exclusive authority to select and designate the city which may apply to organize international wrestling games in the Philippines.

l. To work in concert with private or governmental bodies concerning the promotion of a wrestling in the Philippines. And, it shall not associate itself with any activity which would be in contradiction with the Olympic Charter.

m. To help in the training of sports administrators and athletes’ coaches by organizing courses to ensure the further development of wrestling in the country and the uplifting of the level of performance of Filipino wrestlers in international competitions.

n. To oblige all its officers to administer its financial and other resources ethically, responsibly and transparently; and to immediately hold accountable and address members whose actions are inimical to its growth and ethical management of its internal and external affairs.


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