Another Milestone for our Olympic Wrestlers

By: Melvin Sia

Filipino Olympic wrestlers are now training abroad for the upcoming 2010 16th Asian Games this November in Guangzhou, China. The Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) under the new leadership of President Albert Balde and Secretary General Mr. Karlo Sevilla have sent our very own Filipino wrestlers for further training. Sponsored by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Peping Cojuangco.

Two male Olympic wrestlers, reigning 2009 Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) Champions Jimmy Angana and his brother Margarito Angana have commenced their three-month training in Bulgaria last August 02, 2010. Two more wrestlers, two-time SEAG Gold Medallist Tina Vergara and future prospect Romulo Terio are now in Singapore for a two week training. In Bulgaria, the wrestling siblings are trained under the watchful eyes of top Bulgarian coaches. The male and female tandem in Singapore, on the other hand, will be trained by legendary former two-time Olympic and Multiple World Champion Sergei Beloglasov.

Olympic Wrestling is a discipline that mainly promotes action and not violence - unlike its more popular (or notorious) counterpart All-Star Professional Wrestling that is choreographed and has many exaggerated actions. Olympic Wrestling is mainly for health, sports, and self-defense. Yes, wrestling is also for defending oneself. As proven in the last Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) event, last Saturday night of July 24, 2010. In his match, our national wrestler Noel Norada defeated a boxer/kickboxer in the ring in less than 2 minutes. Kudos to our Filipino wrestlers and other athletes for the upcoming Asian Games!

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