1st Takedown Wrestling Challenge (TWC)

By: Karlo Silverio L. Sevilla III

Congratulations to the winners & participants of the 1st Takedown Wrestling Challenge (TWC) of the Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP), held last July 02, 2011 at the National Wrestling Gym (NWG), Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila.

The TWC is exclusively for "novice" wrestlers who have never competed in any National Level Wrestling Tournament.

The Winners:

60-70 kg*
1st - Christopher Stephen P. Cabredo (S.P.R.A.W.L.-MMA/QC Wrestling Team)
2nd - Steven O. Hau (Christian MMA/Team Fabricio)
3rd - Jan Michael L. Alcantara (Rizal Province Wrestling)

70-80 kg*
1st - Ariel A. Del Rosario (Christian MMA/Team Fabricio)
2nd - Jaime M. Abadam (Christian MMA/Team Fabricio)
3rd - Michael Kevin M. Morales (S.P.R.A.W.L.-MMA/Rizal Province Wrestling)

90-130 kg*
1st - Kristian V. Doniego (Rizal Province Wrestling)
2nd - Christopher M. Cortez (Christian MMA/Team Fabricio)


As a requirement for renewal of your certification and to advance to the next level of our FILA Coaching Course, you have to field and coach at least two participants in any of our monthly TWC before June 30, 2012.

The TWC will be held on the first or second Saturday of each month. The 2nd TWC is either on August 06 or 13, 2011, we'll finalize and update ASAP. Same venue at the NWG.

Only Php 150.00 individual entry fee.

The TWC is essentially a recreational and low-cost beginner's wrestling tournament. Instead of medals, we award WAP Winner's and Participation Certificates. Subject to modifications, according to what the organizers deem best fit. We'll update ASAP on any changes.

Click [here] for the Official Takedown Wrestling Challenge (TWC) Official Rules.

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