Korean Female Wrestling Team and Singapore Wrestling Team visits Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP)
By: Melvin Sia

Korean Female Wrestlers: Heo Namju, Choe Jinsuk, Park Hyejung, and Yun Boram. Singapore Male Wrestlers: Gabriel Huang, Firhin Yusoff, and Eddy Zulqarnain Yusof. Coaches: Jimmy Angana, Roy Camposano, and Violeto Agustin.

The Singapore Senior Men's Wrestling Team and the Korean Junior Women's Wrestling Team trained with the Philippine Wrestling Team at the National Wrestling Gym in Manila from May 07-22, 2012.

Under the leadership of Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) President Juan Alberto Balde and in cooperation with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), the four Korean female wrestlers and three Singaporean male wrestlers trained with our own Philippine National Team. The result of which is camaraderie and a healthy, international exchange of knowledge and experience among the teams.

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