WAP's Statement of Solidarity with the World Wresting Community in Our Current Struggle

It is heartening to witness and feel the strong resolve of the international wrestling community to keep the world's most ancient sport in the Olympic Games.

It is uplifting that the top wrestling nations in the world, led by Russia, USA, and Iran are fulfilling their expected leadership in outwrestling the unfortunate recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to exclude the world's most ancient and universally-distributed sport from the Olympic Games.

The Wrestling Association of the Philippines (WAP) is honored to be one with all the national wresting federations fighting for our sport. Likewise, WAP strongly supports the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) in its task to help resolve this issue effectively, and ensure that wrestling will still be featured in the 2020 Olympics and beyond.

Still, it is sad that our sport is currently recommended for expulsion from the modern Olympic Games which it helped found. Historically, a popular instrument of peace and joy among peoples and nations, the threat of wrestling getting stricken off its lofty Olympic status is definitely disturbing.

We in WAP were initially shocked and depressed with this turn of events. This is especially frustrating as participation in the sport's Olympic styles is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in our country, where competitive wrestling is still, admittedly, at its developmental stage.

In our archipelagic nation, more and more children and youthful athletes dream of someday winning Asian, world, and Olympic (yes, Olympic) medals in wrestling-hopefully gold-to bring honor to our country and themselves.

Alongside our grassroots' remarkable development, we strive to turn our elite athletes into respectable and formidable winning wrestlers in future international competitions, not only in the Southeast Asian region.

We are not yet a strong wrestling country, but we work hard for our Filipino children's Olympic dreams. And it is for this compelling reason that we commit our small-but-earnest voice to the worldwide clamor to keep wrestling in its ancestral house and rightful home.

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