2013 Batang Pinoy-Mindanao Leg Wrestling Event

By: Karlo Silverio L. Sevilla III

And our wrestling event of the 2013 Batang Pinoy - Mindanao Qualifying Leg is reported here in Manila Bulletin Sports! (For the official results, please refer here to our following post). It is very heartening to note, and WAP is very grateful, for the presence of the teacher-representatives from regions 10 and ARMM. They observed our event in preparation for our sport's debut in the Palarong Pambansa (National Games), so they can soon teach and officiate wrestling in their respective regions.

(August 30, 2013, Gaisano Grand Mall, Tagum City)


Bulinggit Boys-A (10-11 Years Old):

26kgs. Gold-J. Boy Orilla Evangelio* (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Jonathan Aguilon (Davao City-LGU)

29kgs. Gold-Sheldon Abad (Davao City-LGU)
35kgs. Gold-J. Bernal (Davao City-Brgy. 29-C)

Bulinggit Boys-B (12-13 Years Old):

26kgs. Gold-Alven Daguplo (Butuan City)
Silver-Kasher Villa Carlos (Davao City-Bgry. 29-C)

29kgs. Gold-Michael Evanoso (Davao City-Brgy. 29-C)

32kgs. Gold-Kenneth Papa (Tagum City, Bgry. Mankilam)
Silver-Allan Cris Alisoso (Davao City-LGU)

35kgs. Gold-Arvin Daguplo (Butuan City)

38kgs. Gold-James Roy Evangelio (Davao City-LGU)

42kgs. Gold-Ezra Abao (Davao City-LGU)

Schoolboys (14-15 Years Old):

38kgs. Gold-Kyle Gaite (Davao City-LGU)

42kgs. Gold-Ryan Ang (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Jhon Lloyd Gudin (Davao City-Brgy. Panakan)

53kgs. Gold-Christian Badiang (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Adrei Tequin (Davao City-LGU)
Bronze-Chino Sy Tancontian (Davao City-LGU)

59kgs. Gold-Clay Posadas (Davao City-Brgy. 29-C)

66kgs. Gold-James Ryan (Davao City-LGU)
Silver - Donald Glenn Occena (Davao City-Brgy. 29-C)

72kgs. Gold-Benz Binoya (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Dave Nistal (Davao City-Brgy. Panakan)
Bronze-Rolan Jambora (Butuan City)

Bulinggit Girls-B (12-13 Years Old):

40kgs. Gold-Jhanen Mae Marcos (Davao City-LGU)

44kgs. Gold-Mighty Cutler (Davao City-LGU)

48kgs. Gold-Stepanie Calamba (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Marrion Billena (Davao City-LGU)

Schoolgirls (14-15 Years Old):

40kgs. Gold-Leah Tuble (Davao City-LGU)

52kgs. Gold-Charisse Aseneta (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Justien Jay Pagnanawon (Davao City-Brgy. Panakan)

57kgs. Gold-Crislene Bontigao (Davao City-LGU)

62kgs. Gold-Sydney Sy Tancontian (Davao City-LGU)
Silver-Rizza Mae Bontigao (Davao City-LGU)

Get ready, wrestlers for the Visayas (September) and Luzon qualifying legs -- all young wrestlers who qualifies will make it to the National Championship in Zamboanga City on November!

Philippine Wrestling is soaring higher, so ... KEEP WRESTLING IN THE OLYMPICS!

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