The 6th Annual Philippines Wrestling Showcase at Vallejo, California, USA

By: Jason A. Guiducci

The 6th Annual Philippines saw wrestlers from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area compete on September 23, 2016. The Springstowne Wrestling Academy supplied the brunt of the field with over 43 wrestlers. Top talent also came from American Canyon, Pleasanton, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Vacaville.

The big winners on the day were Kainoa Medina and Maylin Reyes both of American Canyon and Justin Wells of Sacramento who went 2-0 in Middle School Action. Scoring the fastest pins on the day were Denise Feria of Springstowne-Vallejo who had a :58 pin in girls action, while teammate Ashton Balassu scored a :23 fall in the boys class.

In the night cap Christian Antonio, a middle schooler from San Jose, turned heads with two victories after opting up to the open division after winning his lone middle school match. Other Open competitors who scored 2-0 finishes were Gerald Belantes of American Canyon and "Mr. Showcase" Jeremiah Esguerra of Vallejo, who is the only wrestler to compete in all six Showcases and is the event's record holder for all-time victories.

Other Highlights

- Shelly Avelino of Vallejo defeated Jessa Mae Huerta of San Francisco in Open Women's. The pair were recently teammates on Team California's USA Wrestling National Championship team.

- Nolan and Lucas Sira made history as the 1st wrestlers from Pleasanton to compete at the event. Each went 1-0 in their respective divisions.

Elementary Division Results:

Jenny Wells (Sacramento) defeated Makayla Gueib-Lastrella (Vallejo)

Middle School Division Results:

Sarah Dilag (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Jan Marcy Soy (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Daisy Huerta (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Karel Cadungug (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Jillian Wells (Sacramento) defeated Zophia Santiago (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Jazmine Santiago (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Phamela Abesamis (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Eryka Ferrer (Springstowne-Vallejo) tied Leyana Sunga (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Justin Wells (Sacramento) pinned Nicolai de los Reyes (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Alexander Bonifacio (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Davion Castro (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Kainoa Medina (American Canyon) defeated Arnold San Pedro (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Christian Delacruz (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Julian Meneses (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Amos Cao (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Charles Ector (Springstowne-Vallejo)
DJ Avelino (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Dustin Dizon (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Maylin Reyes (American Canyon) defeated Gabby Lozano (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Lyric Aguigui (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Angelene Lacsa (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Christian Antonio (San Jose) defeated Jacob Meneses (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Kainoa Medina (American Canyon) defeated Calvin Antonio (San Jose)
Carleen Alfonzo (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Erica Visitacion (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Millicent Bassi (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Leyana Sunga (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Ashton Balassu (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Michael Meneses (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Jazmyn Marinas (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Czareana Ramos (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Isabella Mendoza (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Victoria Ellender (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Neylan Green (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Lyrica Aguigui (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Nolan Sira (Pleasanton) pinned Nicolai de los Reyes (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Yana Mitra (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Rhea Cantor (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Denise Feria (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Angela Elmore (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Ashton Balassu (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Kainoa Hernandez (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Keith Sims (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Prince Agbayani (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Justin Wells (Sacramento) defeated Raymond Calimbas (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Calvin Antonio (San Jose) pinned Daniel Solar (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Neylan Green (Springstowne-Vallejo) defeated Lyrica Aguigui (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Karel Cadungug (Springstowne-Vallejo) pinned Jen Pobre (Springstowne-Vallejo)
Maylin Reyes (American Canyon) pinned Angelene Lacsa (Springstowne-Vallejo)

Open Division Results:

Christian Antonio* (San Jose) defeated Sebastian Creel (American Canyon)
Gerald Belantes (American Canyon) defeated Calvin Antonio* (San Jose)
"Mr. Showcase" Jeremiah Esguerra (Vallejo) pinned Jerry Batausa (American Canyon)
Lucas Sira (Pleasanton) defeated Elijah Arcebal (American Canyon)
Gerald Belantes (American canyon) defeated Kainoa Medina* (American Canyon)
Justin Maglalang (Vacaville) defeated Jerry Bautasa (American Canyon)
Shelly Avelino (Vallejo) defeated Jessa Mae Huerta (San Francisco)
Elijah Arcebal (American Canyon) defeated Aviyen Fereira (American Canyon)
Nathaniel Vergara (American Canyon) defeated Josh Salazar (American Canyon)
Christian Antonio* (San Jose) pinned Aviyen Fereira (American Canyon)
Anthony Bonifacio (Vallejo) defeated Josh Salazar (American Canyon)
"Mr. Showcase" Jeremiah Esguerra (Vallejo) defeated Justin Maglalang (Vacaville)

* Opted up From Middle School Division

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